Top 3 Drills to Fix Your Butt Wink with Squats

The “butt wink” is one of the most common movement dysfunctions that I see when it comes to Crossfit athletes. This movement pattern can be the cause of many different aches and pains including back pain, hip pain, and knee pain. The “butt wink” can be caused by either mobility deficit or motor control deficit. In this article we are going to address the motor control aspect of this movement dysfunction

Core Strengthening for CrossFit Athletes

Everyone knows that the core is important for injury prevention however not everyone is training their core to actually achieve this goal. There are two main functions when it comes to what most people consider your “core”; there are muscles that control the movement of the spine and there are muscles that control the stability of the spine. The big mistake people make is only focusing on the “movement” muscles and do not address the coordination of the “stability” muscles.

Squat Alternatives for "Bad Knees"

Do you have knee pain during your squat? You tried taking a break from your exercise routine, you came back and you are still experiencing that pain. This can be a very frustrating cycle to get caught in, but fear not, there is a solution to getting out of this vicious cycle. The reason you are still experiencing this nagging ache is because you haven't addressed the movement dysfunction that caused this “overuse” or “irritation” of those tissues.

Knee Pain When Squatting

Everyone has probably heard to drive their knees out during their squat. However, who else has also experienced knee pain when they do this? We are here to tell you that pushing your knees out during your squat is probably the main reason you are experiencing knee pain during the ascent of your squat.
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