How to Properly Execute Stretching after Weightlifting Workout

One of the biggest complaints I get from patients and athletes is the feeling of “tightness” in their hips from lifting. The second thing I hear from them is they are performing a variety of stretches and not seeing much of an improvement in this feeling of tightness. There could be a few different reasons these athletes are not seeing an improvement in this feeling of tightness. However one of the more likely is that they are using static stretching for the wrong reasons.

Top 3 "Stretches" to Improve Squat Form

When performing a squat there needs to adequate hip mobility. If this is not present then your body will compensate in some type of way and can put you at risk for injury. The most common injury when this issue is present is low back pain. In this article you will learn 3 easy drills that will help unlock your hip mobility to help improve your squatting pattern. 
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