Eliminating Shoulder Pain from Bootcamps for Women

Our team has seen an increase in women frustrated by shoulder pain and stiffness from their bootcamp work outs. We know that camps can be intense (and they need to be!) but we know how important it is to stick to a goal and not let your accountability partner down when your shoulder just doesn’t feel right.

So, instead of pushing through the pain or worse missing camps, let’s take a look where things can go wrong and how to build them back stronger and more resilient.

Squat Alternatives for "Bad Knees"

Do you have knee pain during your squat? You tried taking a break from your exercise routine, you came back and you are still experiencing that pain. This can be a very frustrating cycle to get caught in, but fear not, there is a solution to getting out of this vicious cycle. The reason you are still experiencing this nagging ache is because you haven't addressed the movement dysfunction that caused this “overuse” or “irritation” of those tissues.
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