Giving athletes and active individuals the time and expertise they need to confidently overcome pain, stiffness and injuries.

We provide more than what traditional healthcare can offer for these individuals to properly bridge the gap of rehab back to training, work outs and activities.

Using our 4-Step Process, our clinicians give our clients the tools, accountability and skilled care needed to get back to the sports and activities above and beyond traditional care.

  • 1. Assess & Identify Biomechanical Movements to diagnose underlying cause
  • 2. Reset Proper Movement for muscles and joints affected
  • 3. Reinforce Proper Movement with Progression Each Session
  • 4. Maintain orthopedic durability with consistent continual care for long term success.

Who We Help

  • Endurance Athletes (runners, cyclists and swimmers)
  • Fitness Enthusiasts (boot camp, crossfit, weightlifting and weight loss)
  • Developing Athletes (middle and high school ages) in traditional sports including football, baseball, soccer and gymnastics.
  • Chronic pain sufferers frustrated by lack of progress with current care (and desire to get back to active life)
  • Individuals seeking specialzed post-operative care to return to sport/training
  • People that failed with traditional healthcare and not back in their sport or activities.

Our Sports Rehab Clinicians Orthopedic Specialities Include:

  • Neck and Low Back Symptoms
  • Knee pain
  • Shoulder pain including rotator cuff symptoms
  • Elbow and Wrist
  • Ankle and Foot
  • Orthopedic Post-Op Rehab
  • Chronic pain and stiffness that isn't getting results from traditional healthcare.

Our Rehab Techniques Include:

  • Advanced Diagnostic using our 3D Movement Analysis to get a true cause of symptoms or problem.
  • Comprehensive soft tissue treatment including performance dry needlingTM, cupping, IASTM and manual therapy
  • Specific strength and mobility drills tailored toward each client to minimize the loss of active lifestyle and bridge the gap back to opitmal performance confidently.
  • Dedicated time for education and accountability. Our clinicians communicate regularly with clients to maximize care outside of the clinic.
  • Individal programming using a custom app for consistency to perform exercises correctly with proper timing and reps.

Check out some of our articles written by our specialists to learn more about how we help with pain relief, mobility, exercise technique and changing healthcare!

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