We help athletes and active individuals improve their orthopedic health to get back to their active lifestyle while avoiding unneccessary downtime, ineffective pain medications and even surgery.

Over 50% of our clients are referred to us after frustrating unsuccessful results from traditional orthopedic care.

Meet with one of our specialists to get answers about your orthopedic problem that is limiting your training, sport or activities.
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Why We Specialize with Athletes and Active People:

Our methods create successful outcomes by bridging individualized rehab with strength and conditioning techniques. Our Doctors of Physical Therapy are a hybrid of sports rehab specialists/strength coaches.

Traditional rehab doesn't support the physiological demands athletes and active people need to confidently go back to their sports or activities.

Our programs are tailored specifically to the client and their goals with technology driven data to support their progress.

Over 50% of our clients seeked us out after unsuccessful results from traditional care.

We are athletes and demand the most from our bodies, just like our clients who trust us with their care.

If you're frustrated with symptoms that limit your active lifestyle or training we want to help you. Hear from some of our clients below:

Ken, Triathlete

"The team at Xcel has helped me overcome chronic pain back pain from years of training. Before working with them, I was always just "quick fixing" the problem. They've help me better understand my mechanics and strengthen my problem areas to progress my performance to another level while staying injury free."

running, triathlon

Blair, Bootcamp

"I love my work outs at Burn Cary but was suffering from severe elbow tendonitis that limited my that limited my abilities in camp. I came to Xcel and learned that my elbow symptoms were caused by a bigger body movement issue. Not only am I now pain free, but I am also much more aware of my mobility and my body. I'm able to get so much more from my work outs!"


Jimmy, Crossfiter

"Xcel Movement and Performance helped me finally get back to my work outs without shoulder pain. Their attention to detail has given me more confidence in my movements at the gym. I finally got the relief I've been looking for and continue to stay injury-free with their program they designed for me."


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